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Couture Fashion Week 2011 Wrap-Up

Her Campus

On Saturday September 17, the Waldorf Astoria on Park Avenue hosted its 14th season of Couture Fashion Week. The show opened with a performance by singer Christine Reber before designer Pilar Macchione’s mime inspired models hit the runway. Accompanied by surprisingly slow music, Pilar’s models strolled down the runway wearing solid black. Each dress was paired with a shawl, cape, jewelry or crazy heels to spice-up the somewhat indistinguishable outfits from each other.

While the first half of the show wasn’t that exciting, the second half more than made up for it. Singer Luciano Lamonarca gave a great performance before Yana Benhuri released her new line, “YB Couture.” Her models strutted down the runway wearing mini dresses in many different colors, including black, white, hot pink (with sequins!), green, neon yellow, and many more! “YB Couture” also featured hats, headpieces and even masks that matched many of the outfits. At the finale of Yana’s portion of the show, she was escorted around the catwalk by two of her models, where she received a bouquet of red roses.

After several other performances, Andres Aquino, the founder and producer of Couture Fashion Week, closed the show with the release of his amazing new line. Andres’ floor length gowns were stunning and were simply perfect for any fancy, formal occasion. The colors and styles of all of his designs were not crazy or over-the-top, however the same cannot be said about the hairstyles his models were rocking. Two of Andres’ models came out wearing wigs so tall, the models had to hold them while they walked the runway! Elie Esper, the official hair stylist for Couture Fashion Week, graced the runway before Andres arrival as his models presented his designs one last time.

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