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Yana Benhuri is the creator and owner of "YBCouture" collection. Yana is one of the hottest designers to come along in many years according to several fashion industry experts such as Holly Getty of Getty Consulting. European trained, Yana has worked and studied in Italy and traveled extensively consulting on art, fashion and design. Ms. Benhuri, a former fashion model, has turned her attention to design and creation. This transition has allowed her not only to observe and transform ideas from classic into modern but from very simple to glamorous. Most importantly she is able to bring to life a variety of styles based not only on cultural and artistic experiences but also her innate creativity.

Attracted to the arts, 12-year-old Yana recognized her talent and began a dedicated journey into the fashion world. Yana’s fashion career began designing clothing and accessories in her studio apartment. She often wears her creations that have led to a demand for her work.


Through hard work, and a wonderful creative streak Yana pays careful attention to every single detail in her creations. She is changing the way the world thinks about fashion through elegant and inspiring designs. Each design that Yana creates is like opening up a new book with impressive life stories. Yana really believes that her talent and love for fashion is a priceless gift. Yana has designed for high profile celebrities and has had her designs worn at events such as The Golden Globe Awards, The Tony Awards and The Academy Awards. Yana Benhuri has been featured at the New York Fashion Show, held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. Yana is proof that the key to being creative is to out do your own work every time.

This is one of the secrets behind all the unique designs that bear the name "YBCouture".

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